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Hi everyone! For those of you who don’t know, I am Nigerian-American. I was born in Atlanta, but I spent my childhood in Nigeria before moving back to the States. I had the opportunity to travel back to Nigeria during memorial day weekend for my older sister’s wedding. I’ll briefly explain Nigerian (Christian/Yoruba) wedding process below. It is usually a 3-day event that begins with a traditional wedding ceremony on Friday, followed by a church service and reception on Saturday. Sunday is reserved for thanksgiving service at the groom’s church. A terrible storm delayed my trip and prevented me from arriving in time for the traditional wedding. Nonetheless, I arrived safely on Friday night after flying over 14 hours. The outfit I wore was designed by my sister. It’s a two piece (a top and the bottom part is wrapped around your waist) in gold Guipure lace and orange head wrap (gele). I included pictures of the beautiful bride in her traditional wedding clothes, the bride and groom on Saturday and some of my childhood friends who came for the wedding. Enjoy…

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