Fall Closet Staples: Pullover + Cord

I usually exercise precaution when it comes to wearing clothes in the shades of my favorite color, purple. Similarly, I try not to be too “on the nose” about wearing clothes that represent my chosen profession. I am an optometrist, but it does not mean I have to buy things with glasses depicted on them. That was my philosophy until I came across this pullover from Banana Republic. How adorable are the cat-eye glasses graphic design! I love how soft the fabric is. It runs large, but I purposely chose a larger size because I was worried the sleeves may be too short. One of my pet peeves is when sleeves hit at that awkward position right below the wrist. Although it fits loosely, I’m very happy with the outcome.

Thanks for reading!

thumb_IMG_4992_1024 thumb_IMG_4997_1024 thumb_IMG_4994_1024 thumb_IMG_4988_1024 thumb_IMG_5016_1024 thumb_IMG_4976_1024

Top: Banana Republic, Pants: Banana Republic (similar), Booties (Lucky Brand) Accessories: Hat (Urban Outfitters), Purse (Coach)

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