‘Tis the Season for Layering

October 12, 2019

Hi everyone,

I am a big fan of utilizing clothes in my closet in multiple ways regardless of season. Like I said in my previous post, I wear cardigans all year round. The obvious advantage of wearing them is that they keep you warm, but they can also cover up a majority of your outfit. That wouldn’t be a problem if your outerwear is what you are trying to showcase. In instances where the dress is the star, I simply add a turtle neck or a long sleeve top underneath. Which brings me to this darling dress from Monse’s Pre-Fall 2019 pictured below.

I’ve had my eye on this dress ever since I saw it on Gemma Chan (she played Astrid on Crazy Rich Asians) at Vanity Fair’s New Hollywood Party earlier this year. Monse’s signature aesthetic is the asymmetric and deconstructed look with impeccable tailoring and this dress exemplifies Monse’s vision. I especially love the ribbon trim at the neckline and draped along and front and back. My only negative about the dress is that the fabric wrinkles easily, but other than that, it was comfortable and easy to wear. Now this dress is very expensive, so I was able to get it through my unlimited membership with Rent the Runway.

Thanks for reading!

Dress: Monse (rent here), Top: Banana Republic, Shoes: Target, Purse: Yuzefi

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